Pet of the Month - Fergus


Fergus is a 7 month old bouncy Labradoodle puppy. He was seen at the surgery by our vet James after being taken to our overnight emergency service at Rowe Vets in Bradley Stoke the night before.
Fergus had been vomiting and has a history of eating things he shouldn’t, with a particular interest in socks. He was treated medically at Rowe for his vomiting but with a view that if he did not improve then he would need further investigative work to be done with us.

Fergus had not improved by the following morning when James examined him. We strongly suggested that it was most likely to be a foreign body stuck in his digestive system.  He was admitted to the surgery and underwent radiographs which confirmed James’ suspicion that Fergus had indeed eaten something he shouldn’t have.
Blood samples were taken to check his vital organs had not been damaged through this illness. He was placed on intravenous fluids to support these organs through the anaesthesia and to help him replace the fluids lost through being so sick.

James performed an enterotomy (opening the intestine) and a sock was removed from a section of his small intestine which had become lodged and caused trauma to the surrounding gut. With foreign body removals peritonitis is a huge risk factor, but this is only really evident after about 72 hours post operatively. 

Fergus made a good but groggy recovery post surgery and required intravenous antibiotics to help prevent against the peritonitis risk as well as pain relief and anti sickness medication. He was monitored closely and although he was doing well it was decided that he was to be transferred back to Rowe overnight for around the clock nursing care and medication. Fergus was transported to the Rowe clinic in a veterinary ambulance.

The following morning we were all very keen to see how Fergus was and Rowe were able to report he had had a stable night and was still recovering well from the surgery. This was great news and that afternoon his owners were able to collect him. 

He has since been in for regular checks post operatively to ensure no signs of peritonitis are present and after some rest and recuperation, along with his owners’ help to medicate him at home, he is doing really well. 

We wish him a full recovery and hope he gets back to his usual bouncy puppy self very soon…. although without the added interest in eating socks!

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