Your Kitten


Advice for looking after your kitten.


We advise that kittens should be vaccinated against feline flu, enteritis and leukaemia. Kittens can start the vaccination course at nine weeks and have the second injection 21 days later. They then need annual boosters.


We recommend that kittens should be wormed monthly until six months old. Then, every three months. All kittens will get roundworm when they suckle their mother and they will pick up tapeworms from fleas, mice or other cats.


Good veterinary care costs a lot of money, therefore we strongly recommend pet insurance. We have insured all of the practice pets because if we ever need any specialist care for our animals we don’t want money to be an issue.

Flea control

There are lots of different products on the market. Our favourites for the time being are Prinovox; which also protects against roundworms and ear mites and Broadline, which protects against ticks as well as fleas. We find that the flea season lasts more or less all year due to us all liking nice hot houses. The house should also be treated with a household spray. Acclaim lasts for seven months.


We recommend that you feed your kitten a complete kitten food. Cats are carnivores and should never be fed dog food or a vegetarian diet.


We strongly recommend that both male and females are neutered.

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