Pet of the Month - Dolly


Dolly is a 6 year old Bichon Frise who has been in to see us twice over the last few months for major orthopaedic surgery.
Dolly has now had 2 cruciate repairs undertaken on both her hind legs. Cruciate repair requires the joint to be opened and the remnants of damaged ligament to be removed. The menisci (cartilages) is examined, and any damaged meniscus is also removed. The next step is to stabilise the joint. A length of leader line (like fishing line) is anchored around the fabella (a small bone behind the lower femur) and passed through a bone tunnel which is drilled through the top part of the tibia. The two ends are then secured with a crimp when the correct tension has been applied.

Her first operation was performed on her left leg in April by our referral orthopaedic surgeon Nicci Meadows from RATA vets. She comes to Viking Vets to perform the surgery, which means your pet is more comfortable with familiar surroundings, and we can continue to see your animal through the post operative care procedures here at the surgery. We feel this way we can provided a better continuity of care for your pet.

Dolly’s first operation went very well, although due to a patella (Knee cap) problem it meant she had to undergo an extra procedure to fix this while she was under anaesthetic. This is called a Tibial Tuberosity Transposition (TTA): This procedure is carried out in all dogs with patella luxation, unless they are very young and their bones are immature. The portion of the bone the patella tendon attaches to is cut with a bone saw, and moved in the appropriate direction to align the thigh muscles with the stifle to allow the patella to track correctly. It is then secured in its new position with bone pins.
While recovering from her first operation unfortunately Dolly became suddenly lame on her right leg. She was brought in for an X-Ray which confirmed that her other cruciate and patella needed fixing.

She had surgery again with our RATA vet Nicci, which again went very well. It is now very important that she rests and recovers fully from both surgeries. Cruciate surgery requires a slow and steady return to exercise and Dolly will need to follow her rehabilitation programme over the next 4-6 weeks.

We wish Dolly a speedy recovery and would like to thank her for being such a great patient while she has been in with us. Although she must have been very uncomfortable and in pain she has been a star while she was hospitalised. She has been very lucky to have had a loving family around her to support her at this time.

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