Pet of the Month - Sid


Sid is a 1 year old male domestic short haired black and white little cat, who we would like to give a special mention to after his traumatic accident. He went missing in July and returned home with a fractured leg.
He came to the surgery after being missing for 4 days, and it was very unlike Sid to not come home. When he returned he was completely lame and had a lot of swelling over his left hindlimb. One of our vets James examined him and was concerned for Sid’s hind limb and suspected it could be fractured or dislocated. Sid was admitted to the surgery for emergency radiographs.

The radiographs confirmed there was indeed a fracture. Surprisingly Sid was remarkably comfortable considering the extent of his injuries. He was stabilised by placing him on intravenous fluids and given anti-inflammatories and pain relief.
We needed to discuss the options with Sid’s owner as he had suffered such a complicated fracture. We could attempt to repair or consider amputation. As Sid is such a young cat his owners wanted to give him the best opportunity to be able to use his leg again.

We contacted our referral orthopaedic surgeon Nikki from RATA vets and she confirmed it would be possible to attempt a repair. Sid was prepped for surgery and underwent his operation here at Viking Vets. 

He did incredibly well throughout the surgery. He recovered well and was given sufficient pain relief post operatively. The operation consisted of using a pin, a plate and 4 screws to try to stabilise and repair his femur fracture.    

Sid required icing and physiotherapy almost immediately post op, which he was amazingly good at tolerating despite being uncomfortable. He is currently continuing his recovery at home. Sadly for him, he’ll need to be cage rested for at least 6 weeks post op. We will be keeping a close eye on Sid’s recovery and monitoring the fracture site with repeat radiographs at intervals throughout his recovery. 
He has been and continues to be an excellent patient despite being uncomfortable and frustrated. We wish him a speedy and full recovery. We would also like to thank his owner Mrs Wachon for the amazing chocolate muffins she made, they were gratefully received!

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