Viking Vets are committed to helping both animal and other charities. We participate or run around 12 events per year.

We always try to help when we are asked, and love to be involved in local events.

Maria reluctantly does the judging at 3-4 dog shows for charity per year. She feels very sad that she makes more losers than winners, but hopes that the dog owners realise that it is after all a fun dog show, and money is being raised for good causes.

During the spring months we will do a sponsored walk for a charity nominated by the team. We are so lucky to have Blaise on our door step for this.

We organise the now well established ‘Hounds in the Grounds’ in Blaise Park in early September. This event is now attended by 10 charities, and local groups like Friends of Blaise and the community garden.

In October we have one week of using pink uniforms, money is donated from every consult to a Breast Cancer Charity. James was consulted prior to wearing pink and copes with it for one week.

We also sponsor the local ‘Book Swap’ in Henbury Village Hall in October where all the money donated goes to Penny Brohn cancer charity.

In December we donate hampers to St Mary church, Henbury Village Hall and our Christmas raffle raise money for Secret world and Bristol and Wales cat rescue.

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